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chai tong chai mogna kvinnor sex

1 At Chanzhou, he quickly eradicated militarized outlaws in the region and promoted literati to enforce laws more effectively, 9 winning the support of the people. Famous campaign edit Campaign against Liu Chong edit One month after Chai Rong took the throne, Liu Chong, Emperor of Northern Han, colluded with Liao Dynasty to launch an assault on Later Zhou. Guo Wei, whose surname he had adopted. However, his original name Chai Rong is far better known in posterity. Chai Rong by now known as Guo Rong was also given a nominal post of prefect of Guizhou. At the end, Guo Wei had to personally lead the troops as an emperor. Like his father, he was considered an able ruler. He suffered an early death at the age of 38 when he died from illness while out on the field in 959. Guo Wei decided to rebel. Although his accomplishments were limited due to his premature death, they paved way for Chinese reunification later completed by the. 8 His son Chai Zongxun was born in late 953 in Chanzhou. He centralized military power by his reforms, and proved his military prowess by a series of victories against. Against the advice of Minister Feng Dao, Chai Rong decided to lead the army to fight against the incursion. Career under Emperor Taizu of Later Zhou edit In a few months, Liu Chengyou was killed, Later Han was terminated, as Guo Wei founded the Later Zhou. Chai Rong (27 October July 959 4 ). A b Wudai Shiji,. As Guo Rong's wife Lady Liu and children including 3 young sons also remained in the capital Bianzhou today's Kaifeng, Henan they were all slaughtered as well. When Chai Rong engaged Liu Chong at Gao Ping (in modern Jincheng two of Chai's general Fan Aineng, He Hui fled from battlefield along with their troops. 3 Chancellor Wang Jun, the most powerful minister, did not see eye-to-eye with Guo Rong on some issues and prevented him from visiting the capital on more than one occasion. This led to the fall of the dynasty and the rise of the Song Dynasty, which eventually succeeded in reunifying China. chai tong chai mogna kvinnor sex

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chai tong chai mogna kvinnor sex

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